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Wearing is caring: We are here to help

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We care about our community 😷 REUSABLE MASKS AVAILABLE NOW!

Wearing a face mask 😷 protects not only you but also the people around you.
The more of us that do it, the faster we get through this!

As your trusted foot health provider, we are here to assist the wider community through this developing COVID-19 pandemic. We continue doing our part to keep our community 
COVID Safe and help everyone to stay fit and healthy on their feet!

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) recommends that people over 12 years of age wear a 3-layer cloth mask when outside of their home -This is the new normal or new law!

We have managed to source a premium quality reusable mask and we have made it available to our patients. To find out more about our reusable mask – CLICK HERE

In accordance with the recommendation from the DHHS, our clinicians are now wearing a mask in the clinic to protect everyone. And we will continue to do so until we see two straight weeks of no community transmission within Sydney Metro Areas.



What have we done, and are continually doing to combat COVID-19 and keep staff and patients safe?

Since March this year, we have been successfully operating with strict health and safety policies while providing the best possible foot care that people need during this time. We are proud of the patients’ results that we have been able to achieve over the last 5 months at our clinics. It’s
 been simply life-changing for some of our patients.

On top of what we have done so far, check out what we are doing to enhance the health and safety of our clinic:
  • Touchless hand-free hand sanitizer stations will be available at the clinic. Please make sure you sanitize your hands upon entrance.
  • Acrylic protective screens have been installed at the front desk.
  • We are registered as a COVID Safe business; We are following the recommendations of the NSW government and have a COVID safe business plan in place.
  • Clinicians are now wearing a mask within the clinic, and we are encouraging our patients to wear a mask when they come in. 👉🏼 SEE OUR MASK HERE.
  • All staff has been certified for completing COVID-19 Infection Control Training from the Australian Govt. Department of Health
  • We continue to practice our already rigorous cleaning procedures. We have a large stockpile of Hospital Grade Antiseptic Wipes, Alcohol-Based Sanitiser, Cleaning Products, and have put in place enhanced cleaning measures and processes for the health and safety of everyone in the clinic.

Other Safety Factors: 

Clean and Hygienic Premises – We have increased the routine cleaning of frequently-touched surfaces including door handles, pens, and chairs. 

Safe Locations – Our Chatswood clinic is located away from the crowd with free onsite parking available, it has a very safe and easy pathway to come in, don’t hesitate to call us to ask for details. We also have hand sanitiser available in the clinic if you travel on public transport. The waiting area has been adjusted to implement the social distancing guidelines. Onsite parking also available for our CBD clinic, please ask us for more details.

Safe Social Distancing – We are able to maintain safe distancing within our clinics. The waiting area has been adjusted to implement the social distancing guidelines. And distancing can be maintained during lower limb treatments. 

I’m absolutely confident that our clinics are being disinfectant to the highest standard daily (even before COVID-19) and our clients can rest assured that they are coming into a safe and clean healing space. We are committed to continue getting top of your foot problems and helping the community to stay fit and healthy on their feet through all the days, months, and years to come.



CLICK HERE If you have any concerns or problems related to your foot and leg health, or simply reply to this email and I will be in touch with you personally.

Yours in Health,

Mark Lin | Director at The Footwork Clinic

Podiatrist, Foot Mobilisation & Trigenics® Functional Lower Limb Practitioner

We’re here to help with any foot and leg problems BOOK ONLINE HERE!

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