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Stay Healthier On Your Feet This Lockdown

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Last year, we saw too many people struggled with foot problems after the lockdown because of delayed care. This time, we want to do better to get on top of your foot health while keeping you safe. 

Every lockdown, there are more people walking and running on the road to stay active. We know how important it is to stay fit and healthy on the feet during the lockdown.


As your trusted foot health provider, we are here to assist the wider community through this developing COVID-19 pandemic. Our mission is to help everyone healthy on their feet during this time. 


WE REMAIN OPEN as an essential care, while taking in limited number of appointments each day, and strictly following all the Health & Safety Guildlines recommended by NSW Health


✅ OUR TEAM: All team members have been FULLY vaccinated and certified for COVID19 Infection Control Training recommended by the Department of Health. Wearing a mask is our norm.

✅ OUR PREMISES: Our clinic is in a safe, quiet location away from busy pedestrian areas with onsite parking available (see details for parking HERE). 
Our premises has enough space to implement the four-square-meter rule. Touchless hand-free hand sanitizer stations and Acrylic protective screens are all in place. Strict hygiene protocols have always been in place since March 2020, all touch points get wiped down after each client. We only use hospital-grade disinfectants proven to kill COVID19 (read more). 

✅ OUR COMMITMENT: Our profession is recognised as part of the essential medical care to keep the community healthy on their feet. Therefore NO STRESS about leaving your home to come see us. Your SMS or email reminder is the proof for your appointment should you ever need it.

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We’re here to help with any foot and leg problems!

CLICK HERE If you have any concerns or problems related to your foot and leg health, or simply reply to this email and I will be in touch with you personally.

Yours in Health,

Mark Lin | Director at The Footwork Clinic

Podiatrist, Foot Mobilisation & Trigenics® Functional Lower Limb Practitioner

✅ Clinics remain OPEN as part of the Essential Medical Care. We have a FULLY vaccinated team, safe locations with private parking, and rigorous hygiene protocols to ensure a safe & clean healing space for your foot & leg health.